Album: Native Dreamer Kin

Artist: JOSEPH

Skip To: Cloudline or Come In Close

I can’t talk about this album without first talking about what it was like seeing this trio perform live. I actually had the great fortune of meeting these lovely ladies while they were opening for The Oh Hellos tour (yes, that band name is a preview of coming attractions). Before the concert, I had never heard of JOSEPH and had no idea what to expect of them. And it was my first time seeing a band so responsive to their audience. They played through their set, constantly thanking not only the audience but the band they were touring with, and they seemed so genuinely humbled by every round of applause we gave them. After the concert, they worked the merch table, and were more than happy to talk to everyone about anything, not just their own album. They were kind, loving, and so grateful. And freaking talented.

Native Dreamer Kin, which falls into the acoustic singer/songwriter genre, begins with the haunting “Cloudline,” immediately to be followed by a shock of folk/country in the form of “Wind.” Other songs on the album, such as “Tell Me There’s a Garden,” “Come in Close,” and “Gold” are quiet and ambient, relying on little more than guitar and vocals to produce the music. Others are filled with power and resolve, such as “Lifted Away” and “Eyes to the Sky.” Lyrically, the music can be interpreted many different ways, explicit meaning and stories largely abandoned in favor of abstract symbols and single moments. The lyrics are highly poetic, and they enhance the acoustic music and make it even more relaxing.

But these sisters have one thing that truly sets them apart: harmonies, “genetically perfected,” to put it their way. And they live up to that superbly. Not only are the harmonies they write simply beautiful, but their voices blend unlike anything I have ever heard. Frequently, when I saw them perform, it was difficult for me to tell which of them was singing which part because their voices were so well in tune. And for the times when two sing “oo”s in background, their voices become part of instrumentation to enrich the sound.

Beyond just how wonderful these three sisters are as people, their music is so lovely and is wonderful for just decompressing. See these ladies live if you ever get the chance, they really are the sweetest!


Left to right: Me, Allie Closner, the Fabulous Gina Finn (, Natalie Closner, Mikayla (in front), Meegan Closner, Photo-bomber #1, Amanda (aka my twin), and Photo-bomber #2.